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Gbp/Usd Impulse Structure Underway


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Dec 01 2010

Cable fell sharply in the past week when US dollar gained across the board. Price broke through the support channel line connected from 1.5299, September lows which was a key breakout for a change in trend. As such we believe that an impulse structure is unfolding from 1.6300 region with a red wave 3) in process. In the past sessions, a sub-wave 3 reached 161.8% Fibonacci extension level of a black wave 1 distance, which is a typical third wave target, so some upward corrective pull-back is definitely expected. We are talking about a black wave 4 which may reach levels even around 1.5700 before downtrend resumes, but definitely must not move above 1.5839 critical region of a black wave 1, otherwise bearish count will become invalid.

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Gbp/Usd 4h chart:

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