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Eur/Usd Sold-off. Did you catch it!?


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Feb 13 2011

Hello traders!

Eur/Usd moved sharply lower in this past week, after the prices reversed significantly in the middle of the week from 1.3740 region. If you know how Elliott Wave theory works, then you may have caught that move once the pair reversed and formed an impulsive fall exactly from 61.8% retracement area, which is the most common Fibonacci reversal zone of second wave, and B leg as well.

We are patient traders, and pulled the trigger once the lower support line of a corrective channel was broken, and closed one part of a position at 1.3580, one 1.3515 and free run for a final part. But before we sent out a trading opportunity signal to our members we recorded a video with a plan, which is always the most important part of trading. Always be prepared for the move and keep in mind the alternate scenario!

Eur/Usd video (published on Feb 09 2011)

How to Use Channels In Elliott Wave Theory

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