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SHIBA Points To Starting Point Of Cycle Mania


Apr 01 2022

Hello Crypto traders!

Let's talk about memecoin Shiba Inu (SHIBUSD) in which we see very interesting pattern.

The book says: Every mania is followed by a decline that ends at the starting point of the advance. SHIBA can be still looking for wave (C) sell-off that can send the price back down to 0.*10 – 0.*05 support zone and beginning of mania cycle, especially if we consider current sideways bearish running triangle pattern in wave (B) that can be approaching the end soon.

Be humble and trade smart!

Elliott Wave Analysis: ETHUSD Is Trading In Wave C


Mar 31 2022

Hello Crypto traders!

Today we will talk about Ethereum , its price action from technical point of view and wave structure from Elliott Wave perspective.

ETHUSD is in recovery mode and from Elliott Wave perspective we can see a three-wave A-B-C Elliott wave corrective rally in progress. The main reason why we are looking for a corrective rise is because of wave B Elliott wave triangle in the middle. Triangles cannot occur in wave 2, so it should be an A-B-C.
Wave C is a motive wave and it should be completed by a five-wave cycle, where final wave (5) of C is still missing.

So, from technical point of view, we can easily see more gains till the end of the week, ideally towards projected 3600-4000 resistance area , from where we will have to be aware of a reversal down again.

Be humble and trade smart!

Triangle is an Elliott wave pattern seen during sideways market consolidations, it is composed of 5 corrective sequences labeled as A,B,C,D,E.
Triangle presents a balance of forces between buyers and sellers, causing a sideways movement that is usually associated with decreasing volume and volatility.
It is a continuation pattern which breaks in direction of the preceding move. It could occur in wave 4 in an impulsive structure, wave B in a zig-zag and wave X connector in double and triple threes Elliott wave structures. It could also occur in wave Y of a WXY structure in which case it marks the end of correction.
Triangles also indicate that the last wave is coming before a reversal, so in our case we see it trading in wave B, which indicates the final C leg.

Elliott Wave Analysis: ETHUSD Is Trading In Wave C by ew-forecast on

Elliott Wave Analysis: German Bund Is Trading At Support


Mar 30 2022

Hello traders and investors!

Today we will talk about German Bund , where we see very interesting support level after recent bond market crash.

As you can see, bonds are sharply down and if we take a look at German Bund monthly chart, from Elliott Wave perspective, we can still see a corrective decline within higher degree wave (IV).
From technical perspective, ideal support would be here at the former wave IV, 38,2% Fibo. retracement, base channel upper line and the 155 - 150 area.
So, be aware of limited decline and watch out for bounce and new rally within higher degree wave (V) soon.

Trade well!

Elliott Waves: EGLD Is In Higher Degree Wave IV Correction


Mar 29 2022

Hello Crypto traders!

Today we will talk about cryptocurrency EGLD , its price action from technical point of view and wave structure from Elliott Wave perspective.

Looking at the weekly logarithmic scale chart, we can clearly see a completed five-wave cycle within higher degree wave III and with broken channel support line, EGLD could be now trading in wave IV correction.

Corrections are made by three waves A-B-C and ideally back to the former wave 4 swing low, so current recovery looks to be just a three-wave corrective rally in wave B before we will see another decline for wave C.

What we want to say is that in the short-term, EGLD can see more gains towards 250 -350, maybe even 400 area for that wave (C) of B, but later then watch out for another decline towards strong 50 support level before real bulls for a higher degree wave V show up.

Trade well!

Elliott Wave Analysis (Video): GOLD


March 28 2022

Fed’s hawkish policy to fight inflation is putting in a high in place on GOLD from an Elliott wave theory perspective. It’s also about the speculation of how many interest rate hikes may happen this year. However, if FED will suddenly turn out to be less aggressive then this will quickly stabilize the gold prices, but for now, it looks like the current tone will not change so metals have room for more weakness.

In todays analysis we will look at the Elliott wave correction; flat, and Elliott wave triangle pattern, which is in the middle of an higher degree Elliott wave impulse.

At the same time I am also looking at DXY (USD Index) that is trying to break out of an Elliott wave triangle and towards 100 level.

What is an Elliott wave triangle?

Elliott wave triangle is a special type of pattern that occurs within a higher degree trend. It’s a corrective pattern, a longer pause a five subwaves in a contracting range. We labeled the structure with A-B-C-D-E waves where each leg is made by three subwaves. The most important is A-D trendline which may give an indication of a completed pattern after the line is broken.

Elliott Wave Analysis: Natural Gas Is Breaking Bullish Triangle


Mar 25 2022

Hello traders and investors!

Today we want to share Natural gas chart, in which we see pretty nice and clean bullish development.

As you can see Natural gas is up since 2020 lows and looks like it's still unfolding five waves up from the lows. From Elliott Wave perspective, we are currently tracking big bullish triangle pattern in wave (4), which looks to be completed with recent breakout above upper triangle line. So, if we are on the right path, then Natgas can be on the way even higher, ideally towards 7 area for wave (5), where we see important Fibonacci cluster target zone.

From technical perspective, as long as the price is above strong daily black trendline connected from 2020 lows and above 4.0 level, we can expect a bullish continuation at least towards 7.0 area.

Trade well!

OGNUSD Is One Of The First Coins That Shows Potential Bottom


Mar 24 2022

Hello Crypto traders and investors!

Today we will talk about cryptocurrency Origin Protocol ( OGNUSD ), in which we see quite interesting bounce after we noticed a completed A-B-C correction from all-time highs.

Origin is a protocol for creating sharing economy marketplaces using the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS. It empowers developers and businesses to build decentralized marketplaces on the blockchain. Its protocol makes it easy to create and manage listings for the fractional usage of assets and services.

Sharp rebound from projected 0.23 support level can be first signal for a bullish reversal, especially if we consider that both legs A and C equaling 86% sell-off.
However, keep in mind that Crypto market is generally still bearish , there are only few ALTcoins with such big bounce, so OGN has to stay strong for a bullish view, we may just see some short-term pullbacks. Keep also in mind that real bullish confirmation for OGN is only above 1.5 region, but only if it manages to stay above that 0.23 level.

Manage your positions wisely!

OGNUSD Is One Of The First Coins That Shows Potential Bottom by ew-forecast on

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